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Thread: Time is an abyss...

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    Time is an abyss...

    ...profound as a thousand nights...

    This will be a dedicated log for my Vampire Counts army. I still have a general project log here but there's more WFB on this board and some people had expressed an interest. I've been talking about building VC since the book was released but only just got around to it. My collection includes a mix of models from different eras and manufacturers.

    I have built most of this:

    stock but I've also picked up a few oddities and tried to blend them with the new stuff. Thanks to people in this thread for helping me out.

    I have lashed two rotting flesh horses to a corpse cart using some linen twine 'rope'. I think this is a nice effect.

    The horses are from some ancient skeleton cavalry models seen here.

    I have two carts so to differentiate them further I rotated the pile of corpses and moved the driver to the front on the 'stock' cart. The drivers are not glued down so I can swap them.

    Also, I am not as keen as some on the new plastic zombie dragon so I decided to treat myself to another classic, a Tom Meier zombie dragon via ebay. He's not got the wingspan of the new dragons but he has got front legs (and bags of character).

    For the record, the Tom Meier zombie dragon is about 15 cm in length. As you can see in this pic I have built him up on the base a bit because he is quite long and skinny. I also need a rider.

    More to come as I start painting.
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