So it's that time of year again, what time you ask? The time to paint my empire miniatures that have been lying in the closet for months on end!

As I sit in my study going over the various Imperial Provinces from the last two Empire Army books I realize something. There is scant written about the province that is seat to the Imperial Navy!

I have the book "Heraldry of the Empire" where once again, like Wissenland, Nordland, a province ripe for a background gets snubbed with a measly 2 pages of generic nautical heraldry and 1 small paragraph.

What do we know?

- Nordland is the seat of the Imperial Navy (well most of it, the rest is down river in Altdorf).

- Nordland is frequently raided by Dark Elves, and Norse.

- They have toll-roads to tax the caravans moving through the region to Marienburg. A much preferred route over the the forest of Middenland.

- The Laurelorn forest has an enclave of very territorial wood elves. Aside from that background, there is not much else written. (I may be forgetting a few things)

- Seems to be based on Denmark/Sweden during the same time as its Holy Roman Empire counterparts

It is certainly not as well written about as Middenland/Middenheim, Altdorf, or Nuln. Which is why it appeals to me, but at the same time, I'd like to know more!

While this is definitely enough to get someone going on making their own army based around this nautical province,

I'm curious if anyone has some other source of information regarding Nordland? Perhaps one of the Warhammer RPG books?