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Thread: Captain Brown's Sisters of Battle - Adepta Sororitas Painting Log

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    Smile Captain Brown's Sisters of Battle - Adepta Sororitas Painting Log

    Starting a new Painting Log, some of you might remember me from previous logs like:
    Captain Brown's Elysian Drop Troops Painting Log
    Captain Brown's Tau Painting Log
    Captain Brown's Ork Painting Log
    Captain Brown's 8th Necromunda Imperial Guard Regiment The 'Spiders'
    Or for the really eclectic you might have seen
    Captain Brown builds the Flower Class Corvette HMCS CHILLIWACK (What did he say?!)

    Now I donít know how many photos this log will reach, but I bet the number of folks using dial-up is almost zero now, so the disclaimer is unnecessary, and showing my age...

    So here you will find my latest painting log, donít come here if you are looking for new paint schemes or wild conversions as I usually paint my armies in standard schemes. Why gets asked a bit and the simple answer is advertising and the fact that normally the GW schemes work well on the colour wheel (after all they do all the test miniature schemes before settling on the ones that will be added in the pages of a Codex or White Dwarf). The figures and models will be older and not the new Finecast or much in the way of plastics (not that Sisters had much in the way of plastic figures).

    Any way back to my painting log...I first started painting and collecting some Sisters of Battle for the Witch Hunters list of a few years ago. Now, like all gamers a new list means some adjustments of the old list and some motivation to get and paint some of those unpainted figures that sit in boxes and raise the ire of Mrs Captain Brown. As many Witch Hunter players have discovered, our Inquisitor retinues and weird and wacky militias seem to have disappeared from the list, as well as it looks like vanilla Sisters, so I need to finish some of the more bizarre troop types to add a little flavour.

    My original list sort of ran similar to a Guard army... (what an Imperial Guard Army theme from Captain Brown? Never.) With two Sisters squads acting as a platoon supported by a Retributer Squad acting as a Heavy Weapons Section, a Dominion Squad in a Rhino as my Armoured Fist and an Inquisitor and Retinue as a Command HQ, all backed up by a pair of Exorcists as my tanks. The army was not all that successful as it did not have the numbers to simulate guardsmen and the Inquisitor and Retinue ate up a whole lot of points for not much return, but they were fun to play. I added a Zealot squad when the amendment came out in White Dwarf and had loads of fun shouting that I was off to burn the heretics as they swarmed across the table. Now the Inquisitor and Zealots are gone and only Sisters remain.

    Some of you might recognize the Inquisitor model I used as the commander from my avatar, here he is, sadly no longer in the list.

    With that look back at the old commander I will start the log with the first few entries and my long war against the piles of silver, white and grey models will go on...


    Edit: A look at the army from September 2011

    Another shot of the army from February 2013

    The army in May 2017

    The army in August 2020

    For some inspiration check out these Sisters logs: (List built by Still Standing and added to by yours truly)

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    So please leave a comment and/or a rating and show some love for the crazy folks who collect an all metal army without a paper codex.
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