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    1500pt Converted Marine Tournie Force

    Hello one and all,

    Back after an extended hiatus from Warseer with some commissions and Uni work. What I have started working on is getting my (currently very small) marine army done for next year's Carnage tournie. That means I will need to get together 1500 points of marines which I intend to convert all suitably to make an interesting dynamic army that looks like it is actually involved in a fight. If there's time a magnetised army display base will also be the order of the day.

    I don't have huge amounts of time to devote to the hobby, which is a shame,m but with increasing workload, hardly a surprise.

    First off, this is the army list I intend to be using for this, I think its pretty much ironed out after a couple of conversations with SM players (I don't play myself, Lavflurius just talked me into coming to Carnage!)

    Eagles of the Emperor 5th Company Detachment
    Trait: Trust Your Battle Brothers

    5th Company Master of Sanctity - 130pts
    Crozius Arcanum/ Storm Bolter/ Terminator Armour
    Seconded 1st Company Terminator Command Squad - 220pts
    Veteran Sergeant Storm Bolter/ Power Sword
    3 Terminators 1 Chainfist/ 2 Assault Cannons


    Dreadnought - 135pts
    Twin-Linked Lascannon/ Missile Launcher

    Tactical Squad - 221pts
    Veteran Sergeant Terminator Honours/ CombiFlamer
    7 bolters/ Flamer/ Lascannon/ Frag Grenades
    True Grit/ Counter Attack Skills

    Tactical Squad - 200pts
    Sergeant Bolter
    7 bolters/ PlasmaGun/ Missile Launcher
    True Grit/ Counter Attack Skills

    Scout Squad - 116pts
    Sergeant Sniper Rifle
    2 Bolters/ 3 Sniper Rifles/ Heavy Bolter

    Fast Attack:
    Assault squad - 316pts
    Veteran Sergeant Terminator Honours/ Master Crafted Power Fist
    7 Bolt Pistol & CCW/ 1 Plasma Pistol & CCW/ Flamer/ Frag Grenades
    True Grit/ Counter Attack Skills

    Vindicator - 160pts
    Demolisher Cannon/ Storm Bolter
    Power of the Machine Spirit/ Dozer Blade

    Total - 1498pts

    The following is some pictures of the minis I have converted so far, alot of these will have snuck onto these forums before, but is a way of collecting everything together Painting is a task I will leave until most (if not all) the army is converted to my satisfaction.

    Command Squad Terminators:

    The second assault cannon will be a left handed one (as I liked the symmetry of SpikyJames') Although both these need more work on them and some extra detailing to tie them in as members of a command squad.

    Assault Squad:

    4 done which still need some details done and some refining on the initial Green stuffing they've got there - especially the one in mk4 armour...

    Tactical Squad:
    One tactical squad will all have a running and dynamic theme while the other will have a more stationary theme as a fire support squad. Thought that would be interesting.

    Still need 5 more for this squad though and I was thinking of rebuilding the sergeant as Im not too happy with the conversion and the paint job defiantly needs renovating anyway. And this sergeant shouldn't have veteran helmet markings now I have actually written an army list!

    This is a WIP marine I started this morning. I know he still needs plenty of gap filling and things like feet. He also need a left hand which will be taking another missile off his bandolier of them.

    I will keep on updating this thread with progress shots of squads and minis, however I am a slow worker with alot of other time pressures so won't be too thick and fast alot of the time, but I now have a target to get this army actually completed so have something to aim for.

    Some of my marine conversions I have done already I didnt feel fitted into the force (or I just didnt want) so things like that heavilly converted biker techmarine I did a while back I have dropped from the list - as it is predominantly shooty for instance. Pictures should be in my photobucket somewhere if people wanted to see some though.

    Comments and criticisms always welcome - please forgive the photos though, quickly taken with a poor light set up.

    [edit: not quite sure why some of these pictures came out so much narrower than when they were uploaded, hmm. I'll look back into them later]
    Last edited by Rich 123; 15-04-2006 at 11:05.
    My Marine Project now finally with 1750pts completed... and I'm going to put this force to bed for the time being.
    My next project Khornate Gorewing - a converted all terminator Khornate warband!
    Other things I have messed about with a little are Adeptus Mechanicus and a foray in to WFB with Night Goblins that are a lot harder than you'd think for an obsessive compulsive converter!
    Lastly, my Photobucket Gallery

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