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    Muette's Fantasy Blog of Lazyness

    Hello all!

    I've been wandering in this forum several years, but without posting very much. I'm planning to change that for several reasons. First, I want your criticism and support as I lack the will to paint in a regular way and I want to improve my painting/modelling. And second, It's great talking to people all around the world (I'm from Spain, sorry in advance for the mistakes) about your favorite hobby while practicing English.

    I own a couple of armies of Fantasy: Orcs&Gobbos and Lizardmen. I've returned to the hobby three years ago, after a looong break. Right now my Orc army is almost finished, so I will present it one unit at a time, while I prepare the Lizardmen, in order to have updates (yeah, I know, thats cheating xD).

    Enough chat! Let's see what can I offer... This is my last painting, the Orc Warboss who will lead my army:

    It's a conversion from a 40k ork warboss. I've choose it because they are bigger, and I wanted it to look menacing. Cape, shield, chain mail and the runes of the axe are made with gs. I've painted it after a lovely course with Miguel Matías, winner of three Demons in the last spanish GD (2 bronzes, 1 silver) so don't expect the same level with my former paintings . I'm very happy with the result, although there are some areas a bit rushed as I've delayed it a lot and I was feeling a bit tired of it. Hope you like it!!



    PS: After taking the photos, I realized that the base didn't have static grass, that problem is solved right now
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