Hi, I'm trying to find all limited editions there were made for O&G.

I've found most, but wanted to ask here if these are all, or if there are any other.

This is the list so far:

* the BSB wich came in the army deal (2000)

* Black Orc Boss from Games Day 2000

* Orc Boss, Games day 2007

* the Night Goblin Fanatics wich were released with 7th (2006)

* Night Goblin Boss with a WD supscription (2007)

* Grumlock and Gazbag from Warhammer online (2008, but not entirely sure if these are fantasy or 40K models)

* Orc Shaman wich came in the army deal (2006)

* and then there is a plastic general on Boar wich came with the 6th starter set and the 6th O&G Battalion (altought not really limited, it came only in these sets)
(can't really find a picture of him).

Right, so I know of these, but are there any others??
Thanks in advance!! Any help is greatly appreciated!