Fairly new to the hobby, so not up on the ins and outs.

I was given a finecast kit as a present and it had a fault so I reported it to GW support and they sent me a replacement - which unfortunately is no better. They mentioned in the email that I could also have swapped it at a retail shop.

My nearest shop is a fair trek away but it would still be quicker to pitch up and get a replacement, which I can check before I leave the shop. My question though is do the shops carry the full range of items - or is there a possibility that I could turn up and they don't have that particular item in stock. If there is a likelyhood of that being the case I'll probably just email GW and ask for a replacement to be mailed.

The model in question is Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount and my nearest store is either Ayslebury or Milton Keynes - if that makes a difference.

Many thanks.