Quite recently I've had a bit of a mind altering realisation so to speak about Warhammer Fantasy 8th ediiton. Before you scream "Oh no not another 8th thread!" This is a positive revelation, not negative whining (just incase you missed the title ). First off I'd like to say that composing article/essays etc is not my strong point, so I apologise in advance if this post comes off as a bit chaotic and not well presented at times.

To me there are two main groups of gamers when it comes to actually physically and mentally playing a wargame (rather than talking about it). Gamers who play for fun (be it visual appeal, events during a game, imagery, all the above etc etc) and gamers who play to win (love the strategic elements, flanking, baiting, redirecting, power listing etc). I realize people who play for fun enjoy winning as well, but I'm mainly talking about the win at all costs camp, where fun IS winning and losing is just frustrating/angering. These two categores sum up the majoirty of wargamers IMO. I used to fall into the former category (for fun) when I first started out. Campaigns, late night drunken Warhammer with friends, where hilarity and idiocy ran rampant. But as my gaming career progressed and I got better I found myself playing for the win more than for fun (or the booze... and sadly the idiocy). I knew the rules inside and out, won a few best general awards, got older and longer in the tooth and slowly began focusing on not losing to anyone first and foremost. Especially those some refer to as "scrubs." I slowly stopped playing the majority of the vets who were good and eventually played less and less as my opponents weren't much of a challenge and the worry of losing to a "scrub" became strong. The urge to win at all costs and not to lose to ANYONE began to ruin my hobby. I always maintained the mindset that I wanted my opponent to still have fun even though I was trouncing him, but eventually even that -sadly- started to fade. It was at that point my gaming career started coming to an end.

When 8th came out and when I saw that GW had changed the rules to make it a more random and FUN game, the WIN type player I had become, was flabbergasted and I felt angry that this edition narrowed the gap between scrub and veteran. That put the proverbial "nail in the coffin" so to speak. Prices went up (or had JUST gone up) and all I had was red in my eyes when thinking of GW. How dare they treat a gamer of 15+ years like nothing and focus solely on the "new gamer", how dare they dumb down the strategy of this game that I'd played for so long over multiple editions, how dare they... how dare they... And that was the end of my gaming career for a while.

But things changed after a year of hatred and anger towards Fantasy 8th and GW. I can say that I'm playing 8th and enjoying it just like when I started, and this is "how my veil was lifted"

A few months ago I realised I hadn't seen a few of my close gaming friends in quite a while (another negative side affect of anger towards GW and fantasy) and went down to the local shop for a visit. After talking to some buddies about their past years worth of 8th ed one friend, who was alot like me before I quit, explained it to me like this "I eventually had to completely rethink the way I approached this game. I couldn't think of it as Warhammer Fantasy. I had to think of it as something completely new that I'd never played before." Sounds dumb right? Silly? Simple? Well maybe to some, but to me it was exactly what I needed to hear. A light switch was turned on and after our conversation ended I began thinking about it that night before bed. I finally caved a day later and was convinced to at least play a few games with my old gaming friends.

Well, suffice it to say after the few games I played I was like a kid again. I played for fun. I had a blast. And for once winning didn't matter. Which was a good thing cause I got my a$$ handed to me in the first game . So here I am two months later playing a game I simply call "8th" and I've found myself playing like I was 15 some odd years ago. It may seem silly that it took approaching the game like it was something I hadn't ever played before and thinking of it as something "not Warhammer Fantasy" to try it again, but thats the way my crazy brain works I guess. There are plenty of people who "hate" 8th, but whenever I hear that now I can understand where most are coming from. If you're a win type gamer 8th does suck more than 7th as alot of the points that separated "vets" from "scrubs" are gone. There are silly issues/rules/spells or whatever people want to complain about. But complaining about it changes nothing. The game is what it is. Perhaps approaching it with a new mentality might help. If you can find that one thing that switches your brain from WAAC to FUN or "this is stupid" to "this is the way it is" you may just find yourself enjoying 8th. And: "When in doubt. House Rule it out." Besides, if you still refuse to play or find you still don't enjoy it there are plenty of more in depth, strategic games out there if you can't get past your ire. Just explore the net and you'll find something you like.

In closing, I don't want anyone to think I forgave GW. I still dislike GW for their pricing increases and the garbage way they handle their veteran players. Thats just inexcusable. But you know what I've realised?? I don't play games for GW. I play games for myself and to have fun with my friends. Getting angry at them changes nothing. Having fun with my friends with models I've assembled and painted myself over years and years changes many things. It makes me a happier person and a better friend.

If you got this far. Thanks for reading. I hope this helps someone. Or at least makes you think. Please avoid negative comments. This is just my thoughts put into a post to hopefully get people in a similar situation as I was to maybe take a look at the wargamer they were... and still are.