So after several years away from the hobby, I have once again been bitten by the Fantasy bug. I have an unshakeable urge to spend my time with my hands half-clued to plastic monsters, go cross-eyed in the middle of the night staying up late painting and throwing dice on a table and yelling when they don't do what I want.

I've had a read through the 8th ed rules, but I'd like to get regular players opinions on how things have changed. I have played fantasy since 4th ed, and clocked up quite a few games and several tournaments during 6th. I completely missed 7th, so I am a little behind the direction the game has headed in. From what I've read on here and on other forums, it seems that infantry is in, magic is somewhat insane and people are still whinging that every army except theirs is broken...doesnt seem like much has changed

Also, I will be rebuilding my mono-Khorne chaos army with all new models, and I'm really quite excited about all the lovely new plastic kits. The new chaos models look amazing and the army seems like it will play rather well. If any regular chaos players have some advice on army builds, tactics etc I'd love to hear it.

On the subject of my army, I have some questions on how strictly tournaments are enforcing WYSIWYG restrictions. I am planning to convert a unit of dwarf warriors into chaos dwarves with great weapons and run them as a chaos warrior unit - would anyone really have a problem with this as long as they are based correctly? This unit in particular will be a labour of love due to the hours of greenstuffing I imagine will be necessary. Im also planning on using gors as marauders, as I miss the good old days of 4th ed when all the chaos critters got along and played nice on the same team...I've seen other posts about this, so I assume this won't be a problem.

I'll be posting a plog in the painting forum once I get around to buying some miniatures, but I have a few restrictions that I'm going to impose on myself:
- all models must be plastic. no metal/finecast
- all models must be current editions (this is to stop me losing motivation painting the same old warrior models that Ive had sitting in the case for years).

If anyone has any thoughts, criticisms or advice on getting back into the hobby, it would be greatly appreciated.


- BB