After the last time I swore I'd never play Diplomacy again, but in the end I gave in to my friends' constant nagging for a game. So now I'm England in a Diplomacy-by-mail game.

The guy who plays Germany said he'd go easy on me to let me grow some love for the game... of couse he betrayed me in an instant and now I have to struggle to protect my poor island from being crushed by a French-German-Russian conspiracy. :cries:
Does anyone of you happen to be a tactical genius that can get me out of this situation?

This is the situation as it is now in winter 1902, so I have two moves left before command centres are counted again. As you can see my forces are going to get kicked out of Holland, and French and Russian fleets are threatening my command centres in Liverpool and Edinburgh...

I could take Belgium (attack from Holland, support from North Sea), but I'd never be able to hold it long enough to get a command centre for it. Besides, if i don't move the army in Holland to Edinburgh, Russia's army from Norway will move in, capturing the command centre there.

I could lose half my armies in these next two turns. And it's only been two years... :cries: