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Thread: IG anti-armour & superheavy 'extra' sponsors

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    IG anti-armour & superheavy 'extra' sponsors

    I've recently posted quite alot of my questions about the imperial guard, and got some great constructive insight.

    allthough a few things still eludes me.

    first off, what about super-heavies with side sponsors? obviously there are three spaces where to put the sponsors, aswell as the option to get additional sponsors for another 100p

    the arc of fire and range suggest the best position to put them would be the front space, and then if needed, put the additional pair on the back space, leaving the middle free. if flanked, aswell as the first sponsors taking out some direct line of sight if placed right behind each other.

    Ive already gotten a Stormlord. but im thinking about getting a Baneblade aswell.
    the Stormlord is going to get 9 teams of autocannons on its neat little platform (all 9 issnt going to fit but rules say up to 20moldels may fire) the additional two that may fire will be regular guardsmen mounting the heavy stubbers.

    is it worth getting additional sponsors for the stormlord? and for the Baneblade?

    also i guess i'm pretty low on anti-armour

    thinking that the only anti-armour i have are the lascannons mounted on the tanks...(this includes 3 'regular' leman russ) should i go for an additional 6 weapon teams armed with lascannons? instead of giving all of them autocannons?

    or should i get something else?
    i do have a counts as 'straken' i know he is quite good at punching thru veichles, but i wanted him battering some hard fought enemy models instead of going tank hunting.
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