Hey everyone,

I have never played a table top war game in my life and therefore have never played 40k. I love the universe (from the games a books) and it recently was my birthday and a friend gave me a box of Space Marines and some paint!

I got the little blokes painted up and now are looking to go further into play the game. I am pretty tempted to start with Astartes (chapter Imperial Fists) as everyone said they are good place to start! I was tempted by Tau and Necrons but I couldn't find much info on the Necrons and I know very little of the Tau backstory. So are the Fists a good army to start with? I went into my local GW and asked around in there and came out non the wiser after having staff just trying to sell me things. I heard that people get a lot of flak for playing as 'vanilla' marines opposed to a specific faction, is this true?

I am also looking for information on how to create an army list. I got a copy of the rules and the marines codex (both borrowed of a friend) but have only had a chance to flick through the game mechanics so far, (still a bit confused by checks and cover). Are there any rules that relate to what you can have in your army other then points value? Could I just go and fill an army full of land raiders or do I have restrictions?

Also what is a good point army to start with? The guy in GW said I need about 1000pts to play a game (which is a large investment into something I am not 100% sure I will be into).

Also if you have any other advice for a new player to the game (and war gaming in general) I would love to hear it. I have a few other questions about specific units and their role in the game but I will leave that until I get my first few questions answered incase they change!

Thanks for taking the time to read all this and its a pleasure to meet you all!