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Thread: The Iron Without ~ Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors

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    The Iron Without ~ Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors

    'I am old, my Lord... I know of so many wars. They all seemed so important at the time, but now I don't even remember what they were called... Millions of dead men! I don't know why. Nobody knows... You could so easily stop this war, my Lord. All we have to do is get up, now, quietly, and go home to your Father. You would be the greatest of all the Primarchs...'

    As a side project away from my interminable Imperial Guard, I've decided to attempt something I've been wanting to do for several years: a pre-Heresy Space Marine Legion. Developments in my own painting and modelling skills over the last 5 years coupled with Forgeworld's incredible armour kits has made this ambition an attainable reality.

    Why the Iron Warriors? If I had to attempt a PH Legion, I told myself, it would have to be one which later turned traitor. What the Horus Heresy series from the Black Library has done superbly is undermine 10,000 years of Imperial historiography. No one Legion turned traitor wholesale, and the deciding of loyalties during Heresy was not a black/white affair as the events of Istvaan III demonstrated. The Iron Warriors were no different. There is, therefore, something profoundly poignant behind the Greek Tragedy of the Horus Heresy: the existence of centuries of faithful service to the Emperor during the Great Crusade, history which has previously only warranted footnotes in the established fluff. It's this service that I wish to recreate.

    Army Disposition (1500pts)

    - Warsmith (using Vulkan He'Stan's rules) COMPLETE

    - Ironclads (Sternguard) w/Rhino COMPLETE
    - Ironclad Dreadnought w/Mole (Drop Pod)

    - Tactical Squad w/Rhino IN PROGRESS
    - Tactical Squad w/Rhino

    Heavy Support
    - Goliath Siege Tank (Vindicator) COMPLETE
    - Goliath Siege Tank (Vindicator)
    - Predator Destructor

    Primary Goals

    - Extensive (and exclusive) use of Pre-Heresy equipment.
    - Conversion of vehicles to Pre-Heresy patterns and models.
    - Employment of Crusade-Era, Roman-inspired Legio Iconography
    - Experimentation with Green Stuff casting for icons and insignia.

    Resources Intended for Use

    Preparation for this project has involved extensive research. I've found some superb existing tutorials on various modelling tecniques which I intend to make use of. Component resources are also listed.


    Mk.II to Mk.I Rhino Conversion Guide by DeSnifter
    Green Stuff Casting by Melchor
    Green Stuff Casting by Ferrus Manus
    Sculpting scrollwork and other elements
    Weathered Tank Tracks
    Grime Streaks
    Gunbarrel scorchmarks


    AK Interactive Streaking Grime, 'Panzer Grey' (eBay)
    AK Interactive Odorless Thinner (eBay)


    Urban Warfare Bases by Dark Art Miniatures
    Deco Beads (Studs and Rivets)
    Forgeworld: MK.II Crusade Armour
    Forgeworld: Mk.III Iron Armour
    Forgeworld: SM Character Conversion Set
    Forgeworld: SM Special Weapons Pack
    Forgeworld: Phobos Pattern Bolters
    Forgeworld: Repressor Kit (used for Ironclad Rhino)
    Mk.I Rhino Conversion Kit by Machinator
    Blood & Skulls Industry (Predator Turrets and Sponsons)
    2x1mm magnets for infantry weapon swaps (ebay)
    MaxminiEU: Leather Pteruges/Straps
    Blight Wheel Miniatures: Bionic Arms & Tool Attachments

    HOW I PAINT (See also 'GUIDES' listed above):

    [Over Chaos Black Base Coat]

    Iron Warriors Dark Armour
    Boltgun Metal
    Devlan Mud Wash
    Badab Black Wash
    Boltgun Metal - Line-highlight edges of armour, drybrush prominent flat surfaces (vambraces, greaves)
    Chainmail - Extreme highlight for upper surfaces of armour, such as top of helmet (employ sparingly!)
    Badab Black Wash

    Iron Warriors Dark/Tanned Flesh
    Scorched Brown darkened with Chaos black (recesses/wrinkles)
    Scorched Brown base layer, leaving recesses in shade
    Scorched brown progressively lightened with Tallarn Flesh for raised areas (nose, cheekbones, top of head). I applied at least 4 stages of highlight.
    Devlan Mud wash.

    Worn Brass Trim
    Tin Bitz
    Brazen Brass* (leaving recesses around rivets in Tin Bitz) *Or Dwarf Bronze (my Brazen Brass has lasted since 1996)
    Shining Gold - Line-highlight edges of of the trim on armour/pauldrons)
    Shining Gold/Chainmail mix - Extreme highlight for upper surfaces of armour trim
    Devlan Mud Wash

    Equipment Metal
    Boltgun Metal
    Chainmail - Line-highlight or drybrush depending on surface
    Mithril Silver - Extreme highlight for upper surfaces of item (employ sparingly!)
    Badab Black Wash

    Iron Warriors Skull
    Mithril Silver Highlight
    Badab Black Wash

    Oaths of Moment
    Graveyard Earth
    Graveyard Earth/Bleached Bone Mix - Progressively lightened for each prominent surface, leaving recesses with the darker shades.
    Skull White - Extreme highlight to tips/edges of parchment

    Helmet Crests
    Necron Abyss
    Regal Blue - Drybrushed Highlight
    Enchanted Blue - Drybrushed highlight to upper half of the crest

    Base (Destroyed Bunker)
    Adeptus Battlegrey
    Badab Black Wash
    Drybrush Codex Grey
    Drybrush Fortress Grey (to more prominent rocks, stones, edges of bricks/rubble)



    Ironclads (Sternguard):

    Ironclad Rhino (Sternguard Transport):

    Goliath Siege Tank (Vindicator):

    That's about it. I'll add to this post with more resources etc. should they appear later and also include pictures of the finished models. Right now, the initial components are on order and are awaiting delivery.

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