Hello again folk of WarSeer!

It has been a good long while since I have done anything GW related, and a good sight longer since I have posted anything on here, so first off I'd like to say that I am happy to be back.

I started playing at the end of 3rd edition 40k and took a hiatus, pretty much, from the release of 5th edition 40k. I have collected many different armies in this time, but the one that has stayed closest to my heart has been the Sisters of Battle.

As you all very well know Sisters have had the same, METAL, models for pretty much forever. So I was VERY surprised when I went to the GW online store and discovered that metal models were no longer being produced, and had been, henceforth, replaced with the "Citadel Finecast" range of RESIN minis.

Call me old school, but I really prefer metal models. It adds a weight, aside from the obvious physical weight, to the model that I just don't get from plastics or resins. I don't think the Marneus Calgar model (just an example, first big used-to-be-metal model that jumps to mind) is nearly as imposing if u can blow the model over. That, practically, half pound of pewter was satisfying to put on the table and u felt the loss when u had to lift that giant metal model off the table when he died.

I know there have been a billion metal vs plastic threads over the years, and I'm not trying to start one of those. I am just a (kinda) old timer wondering where his beloved metal models went.

What happened to metal models? I miss them!

Thanks for the read. Feel free to comment.