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    Tau empire?

    Right, whe nsitting through the boring school today, I got an idea, I first got it some time ago seeing the new tau ethernalThe one to the left (and maybe the middle one as a mage).
    And I'm now thinking, what about an warhammer tau race. I have got no fluff about it or anything. but the tau models are to sweet to resist.
    My current thought goes around making an 500 points warband, using warband rules ofcourse.
    With the woodelfes book. Hooding, and caping, tau plastics up with greenstuff, and using goblin bows,(just because I got loads of them) using kroot for dryads.
    I will be having a few of them un hooded, to show the tau heads with out helmets, as many as i can.
    Maybe adding those big kroot hounds, as treekin.

    What to you think about the idea?
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