Hey guys,

I have a question on how you guys expand you CSM army. Let me give you a quick example of my personal situation:

Ive been collecting CSM for about 5 years and have around 4000 points of painted marines. Everything is Death Guard themed with the appropriate colour scheme. I also included a couple of 'neutral' units, such as obliterats, vindicators, and I even use Abaddon (but renamed him) and gave all of these the nurgle scheme. However, I'm tired of the scheme and would like to focus on other legions.

Now, with a new dex on the horizon (if you believe rumours), Im doubting what to do if I expand now. The problem is not in the legion units, such as berzerkers, but rather the more 'neutral' units in the codex. Last week, I bought a Defiler and two predators.

I don't know whether to leave them unpainted, paint them black legion style (which doesn't really have my interest), or go for another legion. However, with a probable MAJOR codex rewrite, the risk of having to repaint stuff (to run it in the legion that you like best in the new dex) is big.

Now that the 'scenario' is a bit clearer, I would like to ask how you deal with your legion expansions
How do you decide which units to add to which legion-army? And how does this change now with a possible new dex?