I have a 2000pt tournament coming up at my local game store and am fairly new at Warhammer. I wanted to see if I could make a viable WoC list without using marauders. This is the list I am thinking of using:

Sorcerer Lord w/ Lvl 4 upgrade, Enchanted shield and Talisman of endurance.


Exalted Hero w/ BSB Rapturous standard

Chaos sorcerer w/ Lvl 2 upgrade and Dispel scroll

16 Chaos Warriors w/ Shields, Champion, Musician, Standard with Blasted standard and MoT

16 Chaos Warriors w/ Halberds, sheilds, MoK, Champion, Musician, Standard with Banner of eternal flame

5 Chaos knights w/ Standard

Warshrine w/ MoT

Warshrine w/ MoT

Totaling 1993pts

Any criticisms would be nice!!!!!