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    Vampire Counts

    A summary of the rumours we had:

    - VC are next army book to be released in January,
    - New unit flesh golems? - something like a mix of large ghoul and zombie ... with something no monsterous infantry has had before ...wings! Dual kit Monsterous infantry ... Ogre size undead monstrocities (can't be more specific) and monsterous flyers.
    - New plastic black coach mini ... Dual kit makes two 'war machines' ... big ethereal warmachines ... neither is a Black coach. One is acalled a Coven Throne the other is a Mortis Engine. Coven Throne ... 'Lamian passion wagon' ... Mortis Engine ... 'ethereal alter type thing with added ghosts'. (It runs on undeaded. )
    - Current Black coach stays and goes finecast.
    - Dual cavalry kit wraith riders? and something else ... Black knights and something else?
    - New krell,
    - New female vampires (Riders on Coven throne and Isabella von Carstein).
    - Hints of army book cover ... Dark red of Vampire/Bluegreen tint of etherealness in background.

    My understanding is the book has five new units + Lords/Heroes.
    That is alot of exciting new options/builds.
    Includes four different 'chariot/warmachine' options.

    What we know now:

    Army Book written by Phil Kelly

    Release in January. On sale from the 14th January (advanced orders for the 7th January)

    Release includes:
    New army book (96 pages)
    Magic cards

    New minis will be:
    Plastic Kits:
    Coven Throne/Mortis engine (Dual kit)
    Black Knights/Hex Wraiths (Dual kit)
    Vargheists/Crypt Horrors (Dual kit)
    Plastic characters
    Wight King
    Finecast Characters:
    Isabella von Carstein

    Prices will be:

    36 for the Coven Throne/Mortis Engine,
    18.50 for five Black Knights/Hex Wraiths
    3.25 for the magic cards
    25 for the army book
    25-27? (37 Euros) for the big ghouls/ flying things.
    8 for Wight King
    10.50 (15 Euros) for Krell in Finecast
    9? (12.5 Euros) for Isabella von Carstein

    lbecks did the maths for US prices it looks like it will be:

    Engine/Throne $57.75
    Cavalry $29.00
    Big Ghouls/Mini Vargs ~$45?
    Wight King $13.25
    Krell $18.25
    Isabella $15

    Some rules picked up from White Dwarf. (Thanks again to ZAlpha)

    Rules tidbits:

    All Vampire has rule called "Hunger" - You get to roll a D6 when the vampire kills one or more models in combat, on a 6 you recovers one wound. (Vlad with Blood Drinker pass the roll on 4+)

    Also Vampire, including vampiric creatures "such as" Varghulf and Vargheist, can march. So Vargheist will be able to move 20" per turn almost all the time. (not sure if Varghulf can also fly)

    Vampiric Powers: (not all of them, just those mentioned in WD)
    Flying Horror - give the vampire ability to fly (unsure)
    Dread Knight - ability to boost WS (don't know how - but a Vampire Llord with Dread Knight has WS of 9)
    Quickblood - gains ASF
    Master of the Black Arts - get to re-roll one D6 for the Winds of Magic.
    Dark Acolyte - add D3 to the total number of models raised by Nehek.
    Red Fury - should be about the same. (unsure)

    New units:

    Coven Throne
    - Basically a chariot mount for your Lord.
    - Is a Large target with S5 T5 5W and 5+ save.
    - has Spectral Steed rules (can move 8"), Undead, Vampiric, ASF (only for Handmaiden who has 2 S5 Attacks)
    - has Random Attacks (2D6) at S3 from the spirit horde.
    - Has Ward Save of 4+
    - Battle of Wills (before the first enemy rolls to hit against the character or the Throne, both player roll a D6 and add their LD value. Has effects based on the difference of the score)
    * no effect (0 or less)
    * suffer -1WS/BS
    * the enemy must re-roll successful To Hits
    * each model in the enemy unit strike each other (only 1 attack per model)
    - Has Bound Spell (lvl3) allowing the Throne (and all of its crew) to re-roll either To Hit or To Wound rolls.

    Mortis Engine
    - Is a Rare Choice
    - Same stats as for the Throne (S5 T5 W5 Sv5+)
    - has 2D6 attacks at S3 from the spirit horde
    - Undead, Terror, Spectral Steed, and Regeneration
    - can make Ghostly Howl attack.
    - can take upgrade, allowing any wizards casting spell from the Lore of the Vampires to get +2 to their casting attempt. (ANY) miscast wizards rolls twice on the table and have the opponent choose the result)
    - The Reliquary (at the start of your turn, roll 2D6 and add the current turn number - until the start of its next turn, all friendly Undead units within this number of range gains +1 bonus to their Regeneration, 6+ if they don't have any, to a maximum of 4+. Also, all enemy units within this range suffers D6 hits at the strength equal to the turn number.

    - Also has some penalties if removed from play - by damaging every units within a random range at the strength equal to the current turn number)

    Master Necromancer
    - New Lord choice (ie. better Necromancer)

    - Banshees and Cairn Wraith are now Hero

    Hexwraiths (special)
    - Fast Cavalry with Ethereal (yes!) that can inflict automatic S5 hits on unit that it moved through.

    Vargheist (special)
    - Flying Monstrous Infantry that has Fly, Frenzy, and 3A.

    Crypt Horrors (special)
    - Monstrous Infantry unit with M6 S4 T5 I2 W3 A3, has Poisoned Attacks, Regeneration 5+, and Undead

    I think that's all I've seen in the WD...

    BTW, Heinrich Kemmler is back in finecast (and in the book) for sure. But on the original sculpt, no new miniature for him. (at least for now)

    Seeing lots of people wondering if the Bloodline is back in the book.
    Honestly, I'm not sure as it's not specifically mentioned rule-wise.

    and finally we have some pictures.

    Thanks to ZAlpha

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