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    Fantasy Contingents Supplement.

    OK I think this needs a thread all of its own.

    ghost21 has been dropping a few rumours into the Empire thread.
    Just to make life a bit easier and so we can focus on this exciting development .... here we go:

    Ghost has posted the following:

    Expect mini forces from various places,

    I realy shouldnt but theres going to be mini armies like allies or sth (not sure on exact wording)

    There will be things like a araby one and kislev, also I heard estalia, and oddly some insect kingdom

    Dont post rules but lets say a pike is quite hard to use , but you get 3 ranks... spears you get 2 and no "reductions"... fishmen huh ;-).... possible possible

    Rodmillard Posted:

    Maybe I misread it, but I thought Ghost was talking about a separate allies book with rules for Araby, Kislev, Tilea and the "Insectoids" (sounds alot like what some fans have been suggesting for a DoW replacement). AFAIK it had nothing to do with the forthcoming Empire release except to say that Kislev won't be in there.

    In reply Ghost posted

    Thats exactly what I meant

    Ghost has also posted:

    Its an expansion book, im told it wont effect the releases of other armies
    Honestly you will see them in wd before book form.

    I think Chaos dwarves are a Forge world thing for now.

    Theres 5 "states" in the book / supplement

    Apparently 2 "good" 1 nutural, and 2 "evil ish"

    and when you think of fishmen?... there are far more disturbing creatures in the sea than just fish... *cough ithilids cough *

    How'd you like them apples?

    I tell you what ... I like them just fine.


    Thanks to Ghost for all of the above.
    Hope you don't mind I pulled all your posts together in this way.

    Posted by Mirbeau in this thread:

    I can perhaps contribute. Some concepts on Araby were finished around 5 months ago, I though they were just for dreadfleet but nothing of what was described to me ended up in the book/game. I must say from what I was told what was seen certainly didn't imply a 'good' faction. I wouldn't be suprised at all to see them expanded upon further.

    fable did this great round-up of every thing ghost has posted up to page 30
    My thanks to him for the effort involved in trawling the thread for snippets:

    Quote Originally Posted by fable_dd View Post
    Hi you all,

    I've been reading through this topic for a while now and because as far as I know only g21 has given major insight I have taken liberty to make a Highlight post about all hints given by g21:

    So here it is, if rumours are true there is a hole lot of information given in this topic. @ G21 thank you very much for your time and effort sharing this much information.

    I don't know about you guys but I for one am desperately waiting for these contingents to made real.

    Last but not least, because GW is so carefull not to give insight on what's happening and compared to other rumours I reckon it safe to say that if these rumours are true they will be available soon. (within 3 months).

    Question: Anyone have any real inkling if this would involve bringing back old sculpts (as in kislev) or new sculpts?
    Answer(g): Interesting, interesting.they will use some old sculpts, new horses so im told

    Statement(g): the strange thing is that most people think the non human races are evil.... damn you insecticons....

    Statement(g): - theres a cool araby wizard with harem guards planned, looks really cool (female guards, big scimitar swords)
    - each " contingent " has 3-4 units, 1-2 characters
    - theres also djin(look at Araby dread fleet ship for inspiration)
    - they will probably appear in wd first.. i know that the planed book has 5 (planned) but they want to test the waters first
    - araby are kinda odd they can be good and evil but there not the nutural race(i said evil ish)

    Statement(g): they are going to do those elementals but the elemental that the Arabians use are for the 4 basic elements.. but they have fancy names like fire erfetti

    Question: so does this mean Woodies and Brets pushed back even further?
    Answer(g): as i said it wont effect other armies

    Suggestion: I would be willing to bet this would next summers big release.
    I think they are trying to form a pattern release schedule. An army book every 3-4 months, a big related release in the summer and a big box set in the fall.
    Reply(g): actually the contingents may be released a little sooner than the actual book , wd will become the mag it used to be the first is probably kislev its easier to do as most of the figures are already done

    Question: By done, do you mean re-releasing the old metal again (either in metal or in finecast), or entirely new scult?
    Answer(g): yes is the answer to that, they will re release the old in finecast, theres a cool ice wizard , n a unit of aquebussiers...(oops)...

    Statement(g): from what ive been told fw got the green light on expanding cd snakemen and 1 other ind related will be handled by fw as will fimiir the ice wizard.. or should i say witch (its not Katerina) is on foot you forgot the nomadic ice and desert elves... man im old...

    Question: any chance of a hint about Sartosa Pirates?
    Answer(g): not in the contingent book but apparently they will get a list theres only going to be 2 special characters in the book as i understand only 2 yeah tileans will get a list apparently in wd, just the book has 5 who are the main ones..

    Question: Something like "The wood elves will be retconned out of the fluff in 2012"?
    Answer(g): dont count on it.. though i can say that seasons will be very prominent in there feel

    Question: Didn't someone mention that the fluff has already established an insect race living near the Great Maw?
    Answer(g): also in some jungle somewhere... kuresh or ind i think

    Statement(g): ive seen the tileans just get generics like duelists, pikemen & crosbow, heavy cav, poisoner wizard (has special poison lore) oh there wont be an elephant for araby that ive seen however camel Janissary's.... you better believe it,

    Statement(g): I'm not really excited about the insect kingdom stuff... with so many other things to develop that we already have in the fluff it seems odd to introduce an entirely new race... and an insect-men race... 'm really not digging it (I'm sure all the bug lovers will buy them, but for me, it just don't fit in the world). We already have lizard-men, beast-men, rat-men and now insect-men? It seems we need more humans instead...
    Reply(g): you wont like the other race then...

    Reply: however camel Janissary's.... you better believe it. I don't. Thats two entirely unrelated traditions.
    It would be like having naval marine foxhunters or Roman Cowboys.
    Reply(g): prehaps i should clarify, long barreled gunpowder cavalry

    Question: you wont like the other race then... Ooh, can you give us a clue, or just tell us?
    Answer(g): not human... n they have been mentioned on this board dont think of the evil as evil evil think more ill side with skaven one day to kill a rival, then side with empire to get rid of those skaven id dealt with previously (though, id get more bonuses with skaven, than i would with empire) 1 more thing araby is not united.. its like a collection of cities, each one having a Magus who is just opportunistic. not saying that there aren't good or evil ones but this list represents a guy and his closest followers / minions

    Statement: I'm hoping the strategy behind this releases is a global playtesting of some new armies, so maybe the ones that turn out really popular gets a full and proper AB in the future (it could be something similar to what paizo did before releasing Pathfinder, wich has turned out to be a best seller in the RPG world).
    Reply(g): i can see the most popular being expanded snakemen & fimir will be handled by fw, ive also heard zoats (just a unit though)

    Statement: Then ruined it with the awful Vespids.... are you listening GW? Insects bad! I really think people are getting too caught up in over-simplifying the good/evil nonsense. All the races in the Warhammer World have built- in conflicts with all the other races and a good real of them have built-in alliances. There are very few that can't ally and none that always have to be enemies (yes, even TK and VC - see Dreadfleet). It's in the nature of a war-game's background!
    Reply(g): - less said about those old ones the better... ive seen better models that will get released
    - insects are not necessarily bad its how there implemented.... i thought oh my no but actually there really cool
    - one more thing the zoats, snakemen n fimir will appear in monstrous arcana but, the general opinion is that they will get contingent lists in a forthcoming book ( snakemen , fimir ) possibly in wd with huge text of opponents permission required in bold)

    Question: Right. What if they look something like this?
    Reply(g): sort of... if you like yuan ti then yes

    Statement: Well, I don't know about Sorcerers (they could always buy the magic item, though), but there's a flying carpet unit in Warmaster.
    Reply(g): i think thats a given

    Statement(g): the araby have 2 cav 2 inf, 1 "ogre sized" 1 character other contingents have about the same number of stuff... if there expanded they will get lots of stuff, Ive seen some bizarre concepts and i wish i could mention them all im most excited by araby because of the figures are a real wow not to say im not fond of the insect riders or the ice wizard... or the estalian conquistadors but the arabyian stuff steals the show

    Statement: I thought about war altar horses and finecast horses made for absent electors as plasticised versions for altar and knights - 2 types are more then ok
    Reply(g): - well the altar will have its own horses....
    - the female guards aren't those mentioned there , called something along the lines of harem guards
    - as i said there will be 2 characters as far as i know she wont be I've heard its "universal characters"
    - one last thing the allies rule has 3 different ways of aligning your force with another theres neutral allies, friendly and unfriendly (unfriendly represents, people forcing them to fight or they don't like each other but its for the best) there will be rules to use say (its just an example) chaos in empire but theres significant drawbacks to this
    - they also will be balanced for about 750 points to use by themselves, any more they lack any heavy hitters
    - im about so if i can clarify anything hit me with a pm

    Statement: You misunderstood. If you go over the 750 points (or proportional to the army size?) you won't be able to take the special stuff. You can take a large contingent but then you'll have to settle for the ordinary units.
    I don't think so. If you look at it, the 'whatever you want IF below 750 pts' is surprisingly elegant.
    Reply(g): thats how i meant it you can allign 2 or all of them together to create a rag tag army or infernal alliance (n yes that's the exact wording)
    however some really hate each other and so have some drawbacks
    theres only 1 character who can be an over general (n remove the bad effects) and hes estallian

    Question: Ah. Any info on whether there's any wording on saying that the lists can be used stand-alone? I have an all-Kislev army, and can see people going into whinemode if I try to deploy them as a standard army.
    Answer(g): they can, but theres no cannons (save for pirates) and they lack a lot of options , only hero characters but if you want to, you can, they just have restrictions as noted above

    Question: So is Sartosa the fifth contingent then? It wouldn't surprise me seeing as we've just got Dreadfleet and the interveiw with Phil Kelly and John Blanche in this month's WD did mention that the game started as "Mordheim in Sartosa".
    Answer(g): its not no, but the pirate contingent i heard would be wd only

    Question: Do you think there will be any difference between tilean and estalian contingents, or will they share the same units?
    Answer(g): the only unit they share is pike and tillen can only have pike units where as estalia have a pike / crossbow combined unit

    Statement: Oh, similar to Pirazzo's Lost Legion? Front rank crossbows and pikes behind? I hope so I always wanted to field those guys.
    Reply(g): well you will be able too, kinda

    Stateme(g): - finecast only i believe
    - kislev will be first

    Statement: Just because their a part of the Grand Alliance doesn't make them all good guys, Captain Roth stole his ship from Grand Theogonist, very much a pirate at heart. Make no mistake they still pillage and rape.
    Reply(g): there not fimir... arabay are not nice but not that bad

    Statement: I think its easier to justify mercenaries in Warhammer armies because of the smaller scale (one planet). 40K armies are representatives of vast empires covering thousands of worlds so while a heretical imperial guard regiment may hire some alien mercenaries on occasion its such a rare occurrence it doesn't make it into a book. By comparison Warhammer armies hire mercenaries all the time.
    Reply(g): wait and see.....

    Statement: Considering they forced Beast of War to delete the images of the leaked Necrons GW is still playing its cards close to its chest and not wanting anyone to see what its doing.
    Reply(g): that ultra monolith was the main problem......
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