Hey Warseer,

I collect Tyranids, Catachan and Eldar. All of my armies have a recurring jungle theme (though the Eldar are based more as jungle-temple ruins) and I'm hoping to work on a quality set of terrain to match my miniatures. Here's some minis from each army to show the basing:

As you can see, they all focus on jungle terrain with limestone/sandstone ruins. I'm hoping to make some fun terrain pieces to match my miniatures. I started off looking to old Aliens toys to make Tyranid-style terrain:

I then sculpted a Tyranid tower designed to hold a pint glass. My brother and I always have a few beers during a game (what's the point of playing otherwise?) and wanted terrain to hold our drinks. He plays Space Marines and made a more Imperial piece of pintglass terrain, which you can see further down the post.

Here's the unpainted terrain:

And with a bit of paint:

Our problem is, What Can We Use To Base Our Terrain? We used thin plastic from binder covers and things, but it all warped and ruined some of our pieces. What thickness plasticard sheeting should we buy? Where can we get it cheap?

I'd love to repair and update some of these pieces when I get home, but I want the materials all handy. If you Warseer members can offer advice I'd greatly appreciate it.