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Thread: Slaanesh Lost and the Damned - Demonworld project

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    Slaanesh Lost and the Damned - Demonworld project

    I figured I'ld start an army building log from start to finish - my small way of saying thanks to all the great sites I visit for trading and ideas.

    I've been planning and slowly assembling this project over the past year or so.

    My idea is basically to do a Lost and the Damned army - however focus it on the old Daemonworld list in the appendix of the 2nd Edition Chaos Codex. What that basically means is an army for the mostpart devoid of CSM, but with lots of 'fodder' led by a pretty substantial Demon Prince. These armies battle armies of other gods for control of planets or other stakes in the Eye.

    I decided to focus on a Slaaneshi army - with a strong theme towards a beastherd.

    The 2nd Edition Demonworld list allowed the following units (plus various allies, though I'll only include some traitiors - ala IG allies):

    1 Demon Prince - mandatory
    Greater Daemons
    Daemonic Icon Bearer
    Chaos Warrior Champions
    Chaos Magus (sorcerer)
    Beastmen Champions
    Daemons (all sorts)
    Chaos Warrior Warbands
    Chaos Hounds

    Obviously I'll have to bend that list to at least field a partially competitve list, but I'm trying to stick to that theme as much as possible.

    I'll update where I'm headed as the army progresses (don't want to let all the cats out of the bag yet!) but my mandatory units are going to be 3 units of 18 beastmen (count as mutants) all including a beastman champion (mutant boss) and led by a Chaos Warrior Champion (count as CSM Aspiting Champions). is the test scheme I posted in the general painting a week or so ago - I'm happy with the current look...

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