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    Sandmanns Fantasy Stuff

    Moin (As you say were I live for "good day")!

    In this log you can see the various stuff I paint. Mostly my skaven from the warlord-clan Nimmermehr, but also my Tomb Kings from Lybaras, some wood elves for the Lord of the Rings and some bits and pieces.

    Have fun browsing, and leave a comment!

    Well, on to the pictures! Which is still troubling me a bit, so please excuse the sometimes shoddy quality of these..
    And while I'm making excuses, like a good skaven should, I'm no native speaker, so please excuse me if my english is not perfect
    First is Warlock-Engineer Squeek Quezla. He is actually the first miniature I painted for this army. After buying half of the Skaven half of IOB on eBay, I immediatly started with him, the model is just awesome.

    Next is his favourite toy, the Doomrocket!

    Build from a few spare parts from my now dormant WH40K army.
    And, last but definitely not least: My Warlord, Vriek Knorpelklaue.
    Obviously Queek Headtaker minus his trophy rack, which is now my Battle Standard, but more on that later...
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