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Thread: Guilliman's 2nd GD Diorama - Imps vs. nids

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    Guilliman's 2nd GD Diorama - Imps vs. nids

    Hi all once again!

    The first courses of school is finally coming to an end and I've slowly started working on my diorama for next Games Day. This is an idea I've had growing since a gaming convention in 2008 when this happened in a friends 40k game:

    I loved how the mass of tyranids flowed over the guards like a wave and knew I some day wanted to recreate this in a diorama. After the success of my Valhallan thread here on Warseer and then in Golden Demon I've really fallen in love with dioramas. I have another idea like my last piece but I want to do something completely different this time so I thought this was the perfect timing to bring out this idea.

    My plan all along has been to have a imperial guard trench line being overrun by one MASS of tyranids. In one place the line is broken with close combat going on and on the other side of the diorama have the imps still firing. The problem has been the lack of a centerpiece of the diorama. But after doing my true-scale log I had the idea to include one of them in the middle of the mayham. He will also be a good reason for why the nids hasn't reached one side of the trench yet.

    I don't only want the diorama to be full of shooting and action but also speed and realistic poses and situations. I've seen to many dioramas with scattered models with their original poses that don't really match each other in a diorama. Perhaps it's often the lack of time for converting, but I really want to put as much focus and work into this as possible.

    Now I still want to include as much of realism and humanity as I can like with my valhallans. I want to display the hopelessness in their situation in their faces; some scared, some paniced and some only firing with rage, perhaps one will lie down crying. In the middle of this the marine will represent the hope, much like the general situation for humanity in the 40k universe. Although the guards look to him with hope also he will know his soon sealed fate charging into the tyranids with all the power he can muster. With him one guard standard bearer will be raising out of the trench hoping to regain the morale of the men (perfect chance for a justified free-hand).

    This will be as small and packed with detail as possible. But not in the way I hate when a thousand things is happening at once in a diorama. Everything will be linked to each other and not be there without reason. The tyranids will be full of everything I can get my hands on from noramal gaunts, warriors and the flying rippers from FW. I think I'll have to pack them really tight instead of having a big area for them as the biggest challenge I see atm is to avoid having one field of nids and one of imps on the diorama. They have to blend into each other.

    I'm going to start by converting the marine and then build the diorama around him. This is where I am after last night's building. It's very WIP. The arms are just there for you to show the approximate pose. I've ordered the death company arms and should have them on monday. And the head is a head from the ultramarines tyrannic war veterans added in photoshop. The armour will have as much detail added to it possible and still having him look like a normal battle brother. He will be cutting at least two gaunts down with his sword and fire at something else simultaneously, probably something bigger. The veteran head is the best head I've found so far that shows the expression I've pictured. I might have to scult it myself as this one's mirrored in PS.

    This is the sword arm I'm probably going to use:

    Given the size of this project I'm not sure I'll finish it in time for next GD. But I'll never rush it. Matt Parkers slayer sword winning diorama took him almost three years to finish IIRC. I will also do my best to try as many techniqes I can and really evolve as a painter this time. This will be no OSL piece (apart from some details) like the Valhallan diorama where I was never really satisfied with the dark areas.

    I hope this get will catch your attention although the pics aren't very interesting yet.


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