Hi fellows.

I start this new thread while I take a break from painting Space Wolves and face a new comission (in fact Iīm actually also with other one, but is not very interesting). A forum friend ask me a year ago about tutorials and ideas for a Custodes Squad because he was talking with other person for this comission, kindly I gave him a lot of ideas and show him threads about real scale space marines (he wanted that these guys were very special).
Well, some months later he asked me if I can make the models, because the original artist wasnīt able to do them (he said this just exceeded him). So I have half-made models, half made skirts (I must admit it, the sculpt skills of the other guy were worse that I thought...) and a lot of bits and shoulder pads.

Well, I started with I have and made a first test model.

Nothig special as you can see, make the torso bigger and some cutter work in the legs (the basic shapr of the greaves and feet).

I think this was a good begining but not enough. So I decided to make a new belt, a bevor and size him a little more (0,5 mm aprox). Then I have this

Scale comparision with a Imperial Guard and another real scale model (but with the...mmm..."terminator legs technic".

Well, I will upload the pics when I finish more models, even this one is not finished yet, there are details undone.