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Thread: The PCRC presents: Rehab of 8 Addicts

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    The PCRC presents: Rehab of 8 Addicts

    The Plastic Crack Rehab Clinic are a group of gamers who spend a great deal of their time in the Grim Darkness of the Far Future.

    Like a lot of gaming groups, we've all got projects that have sat lurking in cupboards or simply in imagination for years. We've decided to run a 'tale of X gamers'-style blog to get back to the roots of playing with cool little armies, gradually building up these backburner projects.

    Our website has a little starmap of the Anton Australis sector, our own little corner of the Imperium, which provides the basis for our games, and gradually develops over time. While a lot of the planets have stories based on our armies and games, a lot of them are minor little plothooks that let us have a story for even little games. The planet Shale is a good example:

    Shale was a small desert world covered in uneven dusty terrain and vast seas of finely ground rock. Small scale mining colonies designed to harvest the modest mineral resources were dotted across the solid areas of Shale's surface. So far two larger scale mining operation have been established in the dust seas, but the giga-rigs have both disappeared without trace.

    Various theories have been offered concerning the fate of these constructs, including Demiurg raids, fatal dust-static build up and attack by an as yet unidentified massive indiginous dust serpent. No evidence has ever been presented for any of these theories.

    The fate of Shale and its miners after the Tyranid Invasion is currently unknown.
    This blog will detail 'what happened next' on Shale.

    Artwork by Adam Burn, UK; used without permission, but with gratitude!

    The Plastic Crack Addicts:
    Clicking the links will take you to their previous blogs (where applicable):
    GrahamGilchrist – Hunter Cadre Shas'ka Nan [Tau]
    Lord Blood The Hungry – Coven of the Perfected Flesh [Dark Eldar]
    Bob Hunk – Gatrog Nurgle's Cavalcade of Decay [Daemons]
    Omricon – Thousand Sons of Magnus [Chaos Marines]
    Apologist – Lamb's World 117th Regiment [Imperial Guard]
    Lucifer216 – The host of Kethla the Enduring – [Necrons]
    Qwerty – [Space Wolves]
    TrojanNinja – The amaranthine dynasty of Hy'kos [Necrons]

    Left to right: Necrontyr tentatively identified as Phaeron Senruset, Master-of-All-Shale (his foot on Brother Zepherd of the Novamarines); Ceiba-ny-shak, flesh-suitor of the Perfected Flesh; Acashverosh, congregant of Kethla the Enduring; Shas'Vre B'Ehr Krylls of the Brightsword Protectorate; Rip-Sergeant Dresden of the 117th Lamb's World; and the daemon known as 'Burblehelm Fiddleclacket' [Inquisitorial Note ident. subsequently clarified as the minor entity Duduppowzh-anireubhff].

    Missing from the pict-capture are representatives of the Vlka Fenryka and Sons of Magnus; two fell armies clashing well outside the active hemisphere. Rest assured this newsrag will continue to hunt images of the warriors to keep you informed!
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