A Closer Look at the Herald of Nurgle

I thought post a few more pics of the Herald as I'm quite pleased with him. For those that don't recognise him, he's made from the following components:

  • Forgeworld Nurgle preacher
  • Plastic scythe from zombie sprue
  • Greenstuff face
  • Old metal palanquin of Nurgle

Lighting Effects

If you've seen my Imperial Fist log (or read my signiature) then you'll know that I can't resist putting LEDs in models. However it didn't work out so well in the case of the Herald. I switched to a different brand of LEDs for the yellow, but they're just not as bright as the ones I've used previously, so the effect doesn't look that great unless the room is quite dark.

I was trying to give the impression of an eerie daemonic light illuminating the Nurgling swarm and shining up through the "eyes" on the palanquin. It kind of works I guess...