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    Space Hulk 1st edition

    Hello, welcome to my SpaceHulk painting log. I paint SpaceHulk first edition and maybe later some Star Quest / Space Cusade stuff. I'm adding chaos terminators and other stuff.

    I have two sets of the first edition of SpaceHulk and the expansions. I really don't like the Genestealer expansion psychic rules for first edition, they're too time consuming, complex and boring, am no fan of hybrids either. I'll just skip what I don't like and add what I do like.

    In this plog I will show the progress in painting the miniatures, making extra board sections and a carring case and also creating some house rules. I will also try to create special missions.

    In Space Hulk, a model is placed in an angle of 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees only. With the original round bases, you always have to place the models just right or else you'll get questionable situations concerning line of sight wich can influence the game. So I deceided to give the models square bases. These look great on the square tiles of the game and no more questions about the position of models.

    Right now I'm making the first squad of Imperial Fists terminators. I'm trying to use just the first edition terminators to hold on to that old school feel. Terminators will get the Crux Terminatus on their left shulderpad. I'm probably adding Ultramarines, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves terminators, as well as Chaos terminators.

    Here are the first contributions, these are 25 third edition SpaceHulk doors, dirtied up a little... Although the original artwork is pretty neat, I want the interior of the spacehulk to look more like some neglected sewers. The first edition doors are flimsy and the stands on these 3rd edition ones are great.

    Also some work in progress on the Imperial Fists. I've added a grille on their backs to hide the huge holes originaly on these minatures. I also removed the antennas, as anyone of you who ever playd SH first edition, knows these break very easily.

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