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Thread: Arduhn kämpft auch für Deutschland! (German FoW LW)

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    Re: Arduhn kämpft auch für Deutschland! (German FoW LW)

    I'll probably be working on some Panzer IVH tanks. They are, along with the StuG assault guns, the backbone of my army. I also have some mounted infantry (Aufklärungs Platoon), Stukas, a couple of flak half-tracks, and some extras just to paint for fun, like Kübelwagens, Schwimmwagens, a King Tiger (ya baby!), and some other stuff I might be forgetting.

    The colour I went with was based on what's on the box. I endeavoured to use only the Flames of War paints and such, but failed when I used Gryphonne Sepia wash. The greenish colour is actually supposed to be dark yellow (dunkelgelb), there's an article here

    I started off with the late war German armour spray, then painted the spots I missed with Middlestone (from the German Armour paint set, but it's a vellejo colour as that's what the FoW sets use). Eventually, after painting the cammo spots of brown and green, I decided it was too light, and washed it with sepia, as mentioned above.

    Anyways, here's some pictures of the finished product:

    What's next? Hmm *strokes chin*
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    Also, I have some Samurai

    And some late war Germans for Flames of War

    And Dark Eldar

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