I first got into 40K lo all those years ago with the original Rogue Trader book and had gobs of Orks and Eldar. Then, I got out of middle school and my mom tossed them (). Then with the edition where Necrons came out I said "Yep, those are for me" and I bought gobs of them. Played a bunch of games and all around had a great go at it.
Anywho, long story short, I am looking to get back into the game. I've been playing Warmachine and Hordes like the were heroin and my newfound meta is kind of taking a break from that game. I'm still on the fence with the new Necrons though, as they seem to have lost some of the "lovecraftian" menace that lured me in 13 years ago.
So here's my question: Is there a faction out there that I could get into that is relatively elite (meaning low model count) but isn't cheese? I've heard nothing but moans and groans everytime a buddy of mine pulls out his GKs and the shop. I'm always drawn towards Tyranids but apparently Carnifexes are easy to pop n' drop nowadays. Sad indeed.

Any advice or conventional wisdom?
Spleen Hammer