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    ModernKiwi's Warhammer RPG figures

    First plog here and yep, just a little bit different. Been playing the Warhammer RPG (2nd Ed) off and on for the past 4 years (indeed it was the RPG that got me into Fantast Battle) and reading through the fluff of the Dreadfleet game book.

    I decided that the attempt to put together the Grand Alliance and defeat the Dreadfleet would make for a good RPG experience as well as an amusing war game. We'd finished playing (and hating intensely) the Thousand Thrones campaign (or the railroad express as we called it) so the hatred of Vampires (and poorly written RPG adventures) was there and I figured the players might well spring at a chance to help slay/destroy another Vampire.

    Campaign got underway on Thursday night with the players helping Jago Roth steal the Heldenhammer and sail her upriver towards Marienburg. Later I will have them help loot tombs in Khemi and many other tasks along the way until the Dreadfleet is beaten.

    All of which brings me to a need for figures for all of this. I've started painting up some Zombie pirates (and the regular kind to man the Heldenhammer) and ordered the Sartosa pirate captains as well. Should keep me/us busy for the next few months anyway.

    Here's some WIP's on the zombie pirates. I loath the big hands of the GW zombies, so they've mostly been swapped with Empire Militia hands/weapons. A little bit of green stuff around the heads for bandana's/headbands/tricorn hats etc.

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