I've been looking more and more at the hobbits. And there is something about loads of furry feet that I actually find quite amusing. So I've put together a list to try out. It's intended as a pre-WOTR shire list, with Gandalf, Aragorn and some Rangers helping out.

But I want to hear what other people feel about the list, and how it can be improved.

I wanted to include Paladin Took, purely for his Stand fast rule, but to do so I either have to chop a ranger or a bunch of hobbits. So he is sitting on the side lines.

I've included the rangers purely as snipers. With a 3+ to hit, if they come over something big and strong, they can do damage with a might point. Also, they can help to shore up the lines when the hobbits get out numbered in combats.

Aragorn and Gandalf are both mounted to provide a mobile support to where it might be needed. I might drop Aragorn's bow in order to get another hobbit archer, since he will be moving a fair amount, and probably being involved in combats quite a lot. Then again, as a sniper with might, he probably isn't a bad idea.

I'm also a bit concerned that I only have 46 figures in my army. But it probably isn't too bad.

So here's the list. Get your chopper out, and get hacking!

Aragorn: Armour, Bow, Horse (195pts)
Gandalf the Grey: Horse (180pts)
2 Rangers (50pts)
12 Hobbit archers: 1x Signal horn (68pts)
13 Militia (39pts)
17 Shiriffs (68pts)

Total points: 600
Total figures: 46
Total bows: 15