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Thread: Engel's Eldar - Primary Color Army No.3

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    Engel's Eldar - Primary Color Army No.3

    Hi all!

    I know I make slow progress, but with the Imperial Fists a handful of models from completion (it's only taken me an entire edition of the game) and the Night Lords being conversion intensive (as well as awaiting a new Codex) I thought it was time to begin my third and hopefully last army.*

    My Imperial Fists are yellow... my Night Lords are blue... what's left but red?

    Saim-Hann Eldar!

    The Eldar have always been dear to my heart, being the first army I ever played and having had an army in place for all the editions since 2nd, I thought it time I gave them the benefit of my greatly improving painting skills.

    For starters - here's my previous stuff. Biel-Tan. As you can see, I have the Aspect Warriors down in terms of units, including my favourite Banshees! (The third edition 'anime' ones)

    Unfortunately they're painted like this:

    Which is far, far below my current standards. With that in mind, they've all gone in some Simple Green and had a good scrubbing, so now it's all fresh. I do have some of the Shadow Spectres on their way for Christmas (including the Phoenix Lord) and one of these ready for paint...

    I've also got some Rangers awaiting some paint but before I start on them, the big question is - what colour do I paint their cloaks? Something dark-ish and urban, but nice and contrasty with the dark red and white helmets...

    Here's hoping for new jetbikes soon...

    *Last in the sense that these are the three armies I intend to keep/update. Anything else must be ignored. Except maybe Grey Knights for allies in Apoc.
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