What a brilliant game! Hails back to the days of the nintendo style and gauntlet hack n slash dungeon crawl sort of video games

At first glance you may think a pretty shallow cutesy basic dungeon crawl game but once you work out the interaction between heroes and minions the tactical options open right up. played our first game last Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed it, will be playing a 'super' game this coming Tuesday!

Oh and let's not forget those fantastic cartoony miniatures and huuuuuuge scope for expansion sets! google the game there are plenty of ref pics of the assembled minis about

Anyhow, made a start the other day, figured I would start with the spawn points and for some reason 'Angry bear' to get my hand in and work out how I was gonna approach these things, nice n bold me reckons

This is how it comes, prepare for some down time before you can play/paint, each one of those FIFTY TWO miniatures arrived in approx 5 parts, pretty straight forward to assemble to be honest but your gonna have to use superglue, no liquid poly here I'm afraid!


Here are the 5 spawn points in the base game, Kobold and Denizen. Also Angry Bear, he actually the Druid shapeshifter character in his animal form!


Hoping for some nice weather next week so I can get stuck into the rest!