Hello guys!
Following the advices of some of you, I have decided to gather a Skaven army. I really need two more suggestions to finish it properly.:chrome:
Here are the models I am about to receive (just ordered them from the net):

2 Warlords
2 Warlock Engineers
1 Master Moulder
40 Stormvermins
160 Clanrats/Skavenslaves
20 Plague Monks
4 Rat Ogres with Packmaster
6 Giant rats with Packmaster
1 Warp Lightning Cannon
1 Screaming Bell
2 Poisoned Wind Mortars
2 Warpfire Throwers

Now, the two questions:
1) How many Clanrats and Skavenslaves should I build from the 160-mixed pool I have got?
2) What else should I buy to give to my army competitiveness, variety and fun?

Thank you in advance for any suggestion.