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    marine is a marine is a marine

    Useing marines for different armies.

    There is a simular thred to this one but it doesn't go quite far enough. I have some senarios below in regards to marines, let me know if you would have an issue with this or weather or

    1, If I had an ultramarine army which I had been playing for years as the basic codex, then switched to blood angels for a different flavour, is this ok.

    2, If i had bought a blood angels armie but painted them blue is this an issue.

    3, If I had a marine army, and played them one week as, standed, next as wolf third as chaos, would this be an issue.

    4, Im making a 'knights of blood' (blood angels successor chapter). Which is falling to chaos slowly, would it be an issue to use them as both blood angels and chaos armie.

    Just wanted to point out that, I tend to build a list and stick to it, I do have multible lists in my bag just incase we require to play at different points levels. Although I do find that the points levels are the same. My list is not tooled towards a perticular army nor person, as this is not fun for me. Where I play we have a prewritten list, then you are assined an opponent, then you roll to see the game you are playing.

    I have only parted from this if the senario is a special one, like planet strike etc...
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