Tyranids are drawn the the beacon that a large Genestealer infestation generates and when the hive fleet reaches a few light years of a planet will trigger the genestealer to go into open attack against the government to weaken the planet in advance of the swarms arrival.

But in other sources its stated before swarms arrive the Tyranids will allow some ships to escape the planet as they reach it to ensure that the genestealers with the inherent urge survive and not be adsorbed back into the swarm are able travel to other planets to prepare them for invasion.

Now my main question the patriarch of the genestealer has an almost fatherly love of his children under him and will protect them as much as he can protect the brood but is it possible that a hive fleet swarm that had triggered genestealer built in fleeing urge and open rebellion stage if that hive fleet got defeated before the patriarch was re-adsorbed into the hive fleet and fled the planet on a ship to a new planet with the last survivors of his cult would other fleets have less control over the patriarch once he set up a new cult on another planet as he developed more of a personality.

And could it be that brood lords are the final stage in the genestealers infestations that are triggerd to be born by hive fleet to ensure control over the genestealer and remove the patriarch if the brood resist the hive mind.

basically I want to know would be realistic to have a patriarch from a long ago filled invasion that had already fled one planet and after several other Tyranid invasions has finally developed enough mental power and stamina that he is able to resist the signal sent out by the hive and even has gone the the point of making efforts to shield the signal that is emitted by the brood that the hive mind detects and even has killed the brood lords in the cult that have been born to try and stop or at least delay the time the swarm is drawn to his planet..

am thinking about a special space hulk campaign of a blood angel team investigating an unusual Genestealer infestation that is lead by the very very old large Patriarch that ends with the patriarch fleeing with small number of his select few but when the blood angels destroy the strange genestealer machinery that was blocking the swarm from detecting the broods signal strength the marines have doomed the planet to the attention of the tyranids that will arrive in the near future and follow up missions would have the Inquisition sending an Inquisitor to investigate and track down this new genestealer cult and if it could be used to an advantage against the tyranids..