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Thread: Autumn Wood Elves: Kinband Sereglas

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    Autumn Wood Elves: Kinband Sereglas

    Update: Army pics are on page 4! I lost pretty much all the photos since the forum reset but I finally finished my project and wanted to update this thread.

    Hey everyone. Seeing as I'm almost done painting my Wood Elves, I figure I'd put them up and see what people thought. Autumn has and will always be my favorite season and it's especially great in New England. I had just painted a bunch of orcs and then Dark Angels and was noticing a green theme in my painting. So I challenged myself to paint wood elves without using green whatsoever, and decided that an autumn scheme would be perfect. I'll update as I get around to photographing the army but here's what I have so far.

    All of the "woody bits" in the army are painted with kommando khaki. There was already tons of brown on the minis and having brown bows and spear shafts would just get lost in the rest of the model. So I applied that to my treeman and dryads and am pretty pleased with it. I came up with the idea that the elves use a form of wood (already dead of course!) called Ghostwood.

    I absolutely hate spites and thus I tried to just blend them by painting them the same color as the wood. They're still there just less in your face.

    My heroes all have names taken from J.R.R Tolkien's Sindarin and Quenya languages. My mage, Iavaslira means Autumnsong. Sereglas, meaning Bloodleaf is the leader of my kinband. Oinrandir means Perpetual Wanderer. Finally, the treeman úlairerunda means Ghostwood.

    Since this is Sereglas's kinband, I painted all the leaves on the models red. This really shows up on my unit of eternal guard.

    I had to use the Treebeard model simply because I think the treeman model is kind of crappy. It's positively swarming with spites and just doesn't look right. I'm still waiting for GW to make passable Tree Kin models because I would love to include them in my army. I've been proxying with rat ogres in the meantime
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