As a die hard and long, long, looooong year Chaos Space Marine player, with more than 30.000 points in a single Chaos Space Marine army I collected over the last fifteen years, the rumors about the release of a new Chaos Codex and maybe even a Legion Codex next year sound promising.

As I am currently digging through all the unopened stuff I collected over the past few years but never painted, I am currently slowly moving up to the more recent Chaos Marine kits while painting, namely the plastic Chaos Marines released back in 4th ed if I remember correctly.

When I started with my Chaos army, I seem to have been young and naive and seem to have stuck with it eversince, as Chaos to me always was: add spikes, have Chaos.

Today, while looking through my army, I have to admit that many of the Rogue Trader models tend to be the ones which to me have the most character, as they follow a different route.

The whole design aspect of Chaos Marines is never really explained. Of course we have the eight pointed star, and that might explain why every Chaos Marines has to have spikes and parts of the star on his armor, but looking at recent kits, like Necrons, Blood Angels, Dark Eldar, all these design ideas and "loose ends" have been taken and put into greatly detailed models. With a theme behind them.

Current Chaos models seem like something from the features without fluff behind them, spikes, horns, terminators which look like that one Monty Python sketch with the people with big teeth.

Don't get me wrong, I love Chaos, I live all the models, and I love their presence on the battlefield, but I really hope with the next installment of the codex, GW / the designers will again make Chaos more than spikes and archaic metal trim, something more menacing.

Be it the pelts we see on nearly every image, be it a more warped influence like back in Rogue Trader...give us (undivided) players something that is more than spikes.

What is the opinion of my fellow Chaos brethren?