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Thread: thinking of selling Deathwing

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    thinking of selling Deathwing

    im in need of cash pretty soon for a new car (hope i can get a fair bit for the army) so how much do you think i could get for it?, il try and put pics up soon

    Hq: Converterd Terminator Chaplin (2nd ed)
    4xterminators, new plastic models, well painted.

    Elited: 2x dreadnoughts (metal so can be stripped if wanted), got 2 missile launcher, a lascannon arm and an assualt cannon arm.
    1xoop dread from rt era, converted to having a powerfist+stormbolter plus assualt cannon.

    5 x terminators + 2 ac
    5 x terminators + 2 ac
    5 x terminators + 2 heavy flamers
    5 x terminators + 2 cyclone launchers

    2x land raiders + parts to convert one to a crusader

    all the models except land raiders and hq are metal so paint can be stripped and models unassembled easily, land raiders can be stripped as well but takes a bit longer and will need respraying to look good. Hq termies cant be stripped since its far too detailed to get the paint off easily.

    i also have a dozen or so termy torso's + cc weapons and other arms for them

    also includes dark angels codex + sm codex

    here some pics

    the rt dread isnt in the pic btw and some models r still to be done
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