Well I usually hide out in the random section of the forum, but seeing as how I have just finished my first big scenery project, I thought I should perhaps diversify and enter the realms of the terrain section.

Now initially I will be working with pre-made kits and doing conversions on them and basically keeping it simple, but I also plan to move towards scratch building and expanding from there.

Luckily, a fellow wargamer and good friend has a massive basement so we can build several boards if we wish so we can try lava boards and winter boards and also have room to store them all. The good thing is, the terrain bulding will be my projects and he will work as lacky so I get to be as creative as I like but will have someone to help with the grunt work!

First off, the reason I am posting in here and also the reason I now plan to build and paint lots and lots of different scenery:

As an off the shelf product I really like the Realm Of Battle board. It is sturdy, has lots of details and is actually really quick to paint. In total this board probably took about 7 hours to paint and glue grass to. At this point it still requires varnish, but the weather is too cold and too wet at present to do this, so it wont be getting any usage till this is done.

Now that this is done, I will have to progress with my other projects sitting in the below picture. Please note however that I have a load of fantasy scenery sitting but its in another house so I havent taken a photo yet.