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  • A space marine is a space marine, regardless of finer details.

    35 34.65%
  • It annoys me when someone uses chaos space marines as another kind of space marine.

    35 34.65%
  • An elf is an elf, regardless of the finer details.

    27 26.73%
  • It annoys me when someone uses wood elves as another kind of elf.

    23 22.77%
  • There is no hard and fast relationship between a model and its rules.

    25 24.75%
  • There is no relationship between details on a model (such as icons) and its rules.

    25 24.75%
  • Models are just gaming pieces.

    27 26.73%
  • There isn't a big difference between counts-as and proxying.

    26 25.74%
  • The fact that wargaming is expensive is never an excuse for using counts-as minis.

    21 20.79%
  • The fact that wargaming is expensive is a good enough reason, by itself, to use counts-as minis.

    45 44.55%
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Thread: Your attitude towards counts-as models

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    Your attitude towards counts-as models

    Check out the poll above, and select all the options that apply to your attitude with regards to counts-as miniatures. I'm interested in getting people to think about the models they're willing to use in a game, and the models they're willing to let their opponents use in a game.

    I voted yes to items 1, 4, 5, and 6. Thinking about it a little harder, I might vote yes to item 10 as well. At least with warhammer 40k, I would probably never buy both space wolves and dark angels. If I wanted to use certain rules for my models, I'd just use them. I see no particular reason that I should go out and spend hundreds of dollars to rebuild an army just to get a mildly different aesthetic.

    As an aside:
    Is the problem of "counts-as" exclusive to warhammer 40k? Is there such a stigma about it in warhammer fantasy?
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