So I took a break on a few years and have finally decided to come back to goodŽol fantasy battle.

Thing is... I don't remember squat! And what I do remember probably ain't worth squat by now!

I got my hands on a fairly large chunk of Empire that I will paint up as Ostermarks following a power mad wannabe lord, that got hold on a piece of wyrdstone from the former capital. With this he is convincing everything and everyone around him to do exactly what he thinks is right

Now... I was thinking on basing my army around a large block of swordsmen at 40 men, snapped together with 20 halberdiers as detachment. This will be the foundation of the list, backed up by a fairly large unit of great swords, knights and a unit of huntsmen. In the deal I also got hands on a great cannon, steam tank and two unassembled plastic general kits which I will use with spare parts to convert a whole bunch of characters for this army.

The general theme throughout the army will be "all plastic". I have been stuck with Warmachine for a year now... and I'm craving PLASTIC!!!!

But now a question:
How wide should I block my infantry models? Have I understood it right that its all about the depths of the regiment that counts in this edition?