EDIT!!! nooo i meant 1500 pts worth of models!! not 1000 repeat 1500!

Ok space marine addicts i am building a tourny army as mentioned 2 mins ago and need an army worth 1000 pts (for now) but it has to fulfill the following guidelines.

needs to include

2 landraiders
2 vindicators
1 termy armoured "leader" probably with p fist and s bolter?
as many termys as possible (1 ass cannon to every 5 man squad)
and any troops needed to be made of 5 man sniper rifle weilding scout squads.

who can write me the list? dont worry bout posting points just make sure its 1000 or 1 or 2 under i just need to buy the models i dont need a stat line or point cost rundown.

And dont give me this army will never win crap because i know. i just like the models and i dont want to paint any more standard marines for a while yet i want to play some games win or lose spectaculaly!!