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    Doing Death Guard...slowly


    I've decided to take the plunge and start a plog for my Death Guard project. With 6th ed and a new chaos dex seemingly in the works I wanted to have some units ready for when they arrive. Hopefully these will still be useful and available after any changes so I'll play it safe. Also I hope to get some games of patrol clash in with these guys as I paint them up.

    First up for you C&C is my test fig. I've got the Plague marine Finecast box which I plan to paint up first (my first venture in finecast was not all that joyful- mould lines everywhere!!). I based him on the Apostles of Contagion warband from Siege of Vraks 3, but went with a more greenish hue (actually more like Lords of decay, but oh well).

    As real life is a real damper on my hobby life I recon this will take a while. So progress should be slow, but steady
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