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Thread: Urgat's terrains and paperworks

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    Urgat's terrains and paperworks

    Up till now, I was posting my terrain stuff in my orcs and gobs plog (see sig), but I figured that since I've taken the fancy of trying and sell my stuff, I may as well do a log just for my terrain stuff.
    First of all, a freebie (attachment for the pdf):

    So it's a pond, for printing. I gave up on the design, so I'm giving it away for free. Sorry if it's low def, but I'm hosting my stuff on my brother's ftp, and I don't want him to be impact because of that, so attachment it is, and attachments are limited, size-wise.

    More interesting: I've made a set of streets to print. 27 spreads, all unique, with a (rather smart, if I may say so) interlocking system so they stay together:

    This is what you get, lots of sections you can put together, with nice details:

    As I said, the streets are interlocking, and they're perfectly seamless:

    I used thin cardboard there, it's way enough.

    That pic above shows only one set, as you can see, I've left a lot of sections aside, and it's still covering a very large surface.
    I gotta say I'm rather pleased with the result, but I ought to reprint them, because I tried different printer settings (hence the two hues), and because that set was done using a PDF at 75 DPI; now it's at 300 DPI, so much more crisp (though to be honest I doubt I'd see the difference if I printed them again, in fact: can't say my printer is too great...)

    Here's a spread showing all the sections:

    what follows is a copy/paste from my OnG plog as there's little point rephrasing all that:

    I am selling the whole set €10. After silly calculations I won't share, I came up with that about 20, and decided to cut it by half because clearly I won't sell a single one at 20 euros.

    Now, here's a scary link

    Yeah, it's quite abrupt, it directs you right on your paypal payment page. I got no website, and no cash for a webstore.
    I'm not going to ask you to trust me, you have no reason to.
    Instead, peer at the address: it's a https, so it's secure, it's the real paypal link, etc, so that way's clear.
    Next, look at the order summary, it should say something like:
    City Streets €10,00
    Numéro d'objet : PAYLOADZ-EXPRESS-1
    (well it probably won't be in french for you, it's going to say "object number" in your language, and I have no idea what the express-1 part means, it says "item number" in my payloadz profile). You can look up what Payloadz is on the net and see for yourself if you're gonna trust them or not. Next time I'll make sure I check the "create a store page" (or something) before setting up an item though, that way I'll just have to provide the page directly on their website, and not try to convince anybody.
    Well, if one is courageous enough to buy the pdf, please testify it worked, that'd be nice. If not, well, too bad for me I guess.

    Voila. It'll be interesting to see if I sell even one, I guess (edit: I sold one already, actually).

    Note on printing: I assume you know what you're doing (highest settings, reasonably sturdy cardboard, no autoresize down -they fit right an a A4 sheet, deactivate everything that will add borders and so on). I'm not taking responsibility if that PDF makes your computer self-combust, your printer ignites and takes off through your window, make your copy of windows force-format your hard drive, or any technical problem that may arise. I mean, it's just a PDF, and it's been checked for viruses.

    note on why: I have plans for cooler stuff than streets (well, more than just plans...), and for that, I need pepakura high res, because I'm stuck to one ****** 1024*768 map with the normal pepakura 3, and you won't get the maps backed from my leet 3D skills (yep, the thing above is the "I can manage that" version of this). It'll cost me $90. So I'm selling the stuff I did to be able to do more stuff. Simple as.[/QUOTE]
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