hello all.

ive had a night of sleep depravity so decided to read the necromunda rulebook (baring fluff parts) and im kinda super psyched about playing this. im a big fan of games with a story and the idea that every casualty you get has concequences

i have a group of about 4 or 5 players and im planning to feel the water if they would like to give this game a go. if not Im fairly sure I know of another group thats already activly playing this but id prefer to play this with my current group

Is this game hard to get into? Would I NEED the book or is having the PDF; s around enough? Ive worked with the PDF's fro BFG and I honestly prefer having a book in my hands but il wait and see if were even going to play this first

What sort of terrain would I need? Are normal 40K ruins decent enough? Could we make some gangers from catachens with beardy heads from the empire range added? Looking forward to your replies