So if you are a DE enthusiast out, then you are probably tired of the Break Dancing Bigfoot that GW shamelessly dropped the ball on hard.

I spent hours debating on how I could make a theme appropriate unit of Grotesques. I was thinking the Rat Ogre route, then the Chaos Spawn route..but none of them seemed like a 100% great fit. All of them lacked the goth, man-corset,bondage, S&M stylishness of the Wrack figures.

Then I saw these guys, Everblight Warspears. Instantly I thought they were a perfect match due to how similar their armor is to GW's Wracks (which are awesome models despite the fact they are Finecast). The Warspears turned out to be the perfect size for an ogre type of unit so the rest was cake really.

What I did was use a ton of Talos bits and green stuff to make the conversions. On two of them it turned out to be an incredibly happy accident that the Warspear arms and Talos arms are identical in width around the bicep. This made converting so much easier. For each figure I sculpted the head and back first from green stuff, then added the appropriate plastic bits afterward to render each grotesque unique.

Once they are all painted, I'm sure the Wracks and Grotesques will look unified together on the field.