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    Gametable WIP - Currently painting: Fortress of Redemption

    My uncle, who is a carpenter, gave me a most excellent christmas present, a gaming table for 40k:

    If you're wondering why there's a giant hole in the center, that's where my Realm of Battle gameboard tiles fit. An extra support in the middle of the length of the table was added after this picture was taken, so each tile is supported by all borders. And because you don't have a large tabletop, you can easily take it apart if you want to move it. Especially since it is placed my attic, which is on the 3rd floor.

    A demo shot with my yet to be painted terrain, some of my 'Nids and my WIP Grey Knights army. And of course, the Fortress of Redemption; I had to get it as it literally had my name written all over it. As you can see, the Realm of Battle tiles fit in flush with the table, so they don't move around while you play but you don't need to use the clips the board comes with. If you want to change the board set up, you can easily push a tile out from the bottom. The edge of the table kan be used to place your rule books, dice, drinks, reserves, casualties, etc.

    And two more random photo's to finish the post:

    Now I need to decide which theme to paint my Realm of Battle board in. And most importantly, find the time to paint the board, paint the Fortress of Redemption, finish the Imperial Strongpoint, build and paint the Imperial Sector which is still in the box and finish my Grey Knight army... *sigh* I really need to learn to paint more before I buy more plastic crack.
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