My armies are these days pretty much done, but the battlefield consists of a green tablecloth. Battling on the green plains of the Moot is all very well and good, but I thought I needed some variety to break it up. The long term goal is to have a dozen or so pieces I can put on the table and to make a gaming table itself. To that extent I've bought (to date) the Witchfate Tor, the Dreadstone Blight, the Fortified Manor House, a Garden of Morr and a Temple of Skulls.

I have spent part of my Christmas break assembling and paintling the below utter bastard of a piece of scenery. Such a cast iron bitch to put to gether. I had to resort to pinning every single piece of wall to its neighbour twice (top and bottom) to make it sit together right. Still the end result is quite nice I think.

Behold, the Witchfate Tor!!!

Note that I used the statues from the Chapel rather than those supplied with the kit as they don't interfer with how you can assemble the floors.

In this picture you can see the long brown stain beneith the garderobe...

And this is what the top of the tower looks like from above...

I did take some pictures of the interior as well, but they turned out to be blurry and dark and didn't show much. I might try again tomorrow.

As you can see from the background I've also finished the Dreadstone Blight, which went together much easier. Only pinning on that one went into the top two floors.

Next up is the Garden of Morr.