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Thread: Bloodline Themed Armies; A Guide

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    Bloodline Themed Armies; A Guide

    I've noticed a few people of this forum asking what units fit which bloodlines so I thought I'd rustle something up.

    Part 1: Blood Dragons

    The Blood Dragons (BD) are embodiments of martial pride and their armies reflect this. This will mean that you BD army will not include many big monsters nor will your Lord be a high Lvl magic user. This job would instead be given to a Necromancer slave/savant/bootlick who would naturally take up the task a true BD would not soil his hands with. As your core the best unit to fit the theme is probally Skeletons, as Ghouls are not exactly a good example of solid ordered ranks, nor zombies for that matter. For your special and rare choices you should stray away from units like Terrorgheists and Crypt Horrors becuase of their lumbering bestial nature. Instead units such as Grave Guard, Black Knights and Blood Knights fit far better with the martial theme while still being good units overall. If you really wanted to fit some beasties into your list, then the Zombie Dragon and the Varghulf/Vargheists are your best bet, with the ZD standing as a cruel mockery of a once noble creature (very BD ) and the Varghulf/Vargheists being a symbol of the BD's ferocity. Fast units like Bat Swarms and Fellbats are more Von Carstein/ Strigoi's bag, so if you want some nice fast units Dire Wolves are probally the way to go, they fit in nicelywith the red colour scheme of the army too!

    The Vampires themselves;

    Vampiric Powers
    These Vampiric Powers fit the BD theme;

    Red Fury (take this everytime for a BD)
    DreadKnight (this too while your at it)
    Mortal Strike

    Magic Items/Equipment
    BD's are blessed here in the fact that pretty much anything goes. Just don't include anything magicy eg; Bound Spells and it will fit the theme. Also BD's traditionally wear Full Plate/ Heavy armour so make sure they have a high armour save to represent this.

    In summary;

    Units a BD army will frequently include;
    A BD Vampire (duh), Skeletons, Necromancers, Wights, Black Knights, Blood Knights,Zombie Dragons

    Units a BD Dragon army will sometimes include;
    Zombies (easy for Necromancer to raise), Ethereal Units, a Vampire underling, Black Coach

    Units a BD army will rarely include;
    Varghiests, Varghulf

    Units a BD will never include;
    Crypt Horrors, Crypt Ghouls (unless you have a Strigoi underling in your army) , Terrorghiests, Black Coach, Coven Throne, Mortis Engine, Corpse Cart, Abysmal Terror

    This is just Part 1 for now, I working on a Necarch one at the moments. Critque and comments would be much appreciated. Cheers, Deff.
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